Bill Risby Photography | About
My life mostly revolves around music, and often playing music for other people. As much as I love music, there is nothing quite as personal as sharing what you see with your eyes. My love of photography started when my Dad gave me some pictures of himself on Lake Eyre in South Australia, taken with his old Pentax. It helped that he was holding a block of salt and a mining pick and looked like an adventurer from National Geographic magazine, which is still a huge inspiration today. In another world I would have been a photojournalist and perhaps lived a much shorter life. I am constantly inspired by Steve McCurry ( ​www.​​stevemccurry.​​com ) and James Nachtwey ( www.​jamesnachtwey.​com ). I see a whole world of stories in any one of their images, and the risks they take in putting themselves in the firing line has not been wasted on me. They have personalised that part of the world which has often been intentionally hidden.
Photography has the power to tell a whole story between the blinks of an eye. It's as simple and difficult as sharing with someone how you feel through what your eye sees. I'm a musician, so there are photos of places I go to play, musicians I play with, and different points of view. You can read about my musical pursuits here: